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Nath Keo taught 2 fantastic workshops at the Harbour Dancentre on February 20th; the 20 ladies who attended “Dum Tekka” and “Orientale Bliss” had a great time!

Ava Fleming Workshops

The same weekend as the overwhelmingly successful Emerald Oasis show, Nath Keo and the Sacred Centre Dance Company hosted Ava Fleming for a fantastic Saturday night show and 4 amazing workshops.  We made every effort to make her stay in Victoria as memorable as possible, complete with Vietnamese Pho, sushi, and Bliss Balls!  Ava is such a phenomenal performer and instructor, and a really sweet and humble person!

Nath is going to be teaching at a weekend of workshops and gala performances in Atlanta, Georgia from May 27th-30th, 2011 alongside many stars in the bellydance community!  Bookmark to stay in the loop.

Emerald Oasis Premiere

The months of hard work and planning for the Emerald Oasis show came to fruition on Friday, October 15th with a sold out audience and opening special guests Lava and Sisters of Alchemy.  These are some of the still images from Set Monkey’s video of the performance.

Preview of Emerald Oasis

I am spreading the word about our upcoming show on October 15th happening here in Victoria at the Metro Studio Theatre.  “Emerald Oasis” will include a blend of Middle Eastern and East Asian dance in fusion choreography. The Sacred Centre Dance Company has been  rehearsing this show for a year and the Friday night performance will also feature special guests Lava and Sisters of Alchemy with their piece “Dark Arts and Parlour Tricks”.  I am so impressed with the multiple talents of so many of the dancers here at the studio…all of the costumes for the show were made by the lovely Daisy Hieland and Turquoise Pearl Costume Design, and another of the troupe dancers, Shari Nakagawa, contributed her photographic skills for the promo shoot.  You can view more of Shari’s photo-genius here and some of Daisy’s gorgeous costume designs here.  Also a huge thanks goes to the University of Victoria’s student-run radio station CFUV 101.9 FM for sponsoring our show.


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